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(St. Louis, MO, April 2018)  Artisans in THE LOOP is an art gallery coming to the Delmar Loop this spring! From wall art, sculptures, jewelry, custom-made apparel and more, this art gallery provides its visitors with an aesthetic appeal that they can identify with and envision in their everyday lives. Most, if not all, the pieces in the gallery can be purchased and taken out of store in hand.

Wendy Harris, owner of the new gallery, wanted to provide the St. Louis art community a new way of displaying and engaging with art. As a veteran artist, Wendy fell in love with art in 1999 when she started dabbling in the art world by designing jewelry. Her enthusiasm and love for art continued and led her to learning how to make her own glass beads to incorporate in her jewelry pieces. Wendy then began participating in juried art shows winning multiple first place awards showcasing her bead and jewelry making skills. Wendy’s dream of opening her own art gallery started to take root when she and her husband, Michael Harris, developed a passion for art galleries, visiting as many as they could. After working over two decades in healthcare systems, Wendy took a big step toward her dream in 2017, as she planned to open up Artisans in THE LOOP. With encouragement and support from her husband, family, and close friends, Artisans in THE LOOP became a reality within an incredible 6 to 12 weeks.

The name of the gallery, Artisans in THE LOOP -where creative hands come full circle- was a collaborative effort between Wendy and Michael. They wanted to open up a gallery that focused on the artists and their pieces. The gallery’s minimalistic and open floor concept with locally made acrylic displays, gives off a bright and clean look so when you walk in “all you see is the art”.

The gallery is set to officially open in May 2018. Follow and like Artisans in THE LOOP on Facebook and Instagram.

(Artisans in THE LOOP is a boutique art gallery offering a wide variety of hand picked and curated art pieces at affordable pricing).

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Wendy Harris at 314-218-8854 or email


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