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Melanie Mollman Hancock

Fused, Kiln Formed, and Cold Worked Glass

Ladue, MO


After years of frustration stemming from not being able to channel my creative voice, I found fused glass, which allows me to bring the artistic visions in my thoughts to life in a tangible form. It is very rewarding to be able to successfully take an idea from concept to completion.

I’m fascinated by putting different pieces of glass together and fusing them to create a new, one of a kind piece that I designed. I enjoy researching new techniques, pushing boundaries, and experimenting with “what if’s”. I am particularly attracted to pieces that highlight the way transparent and opaque glass can be used to manipulate light to form intriguing color shadows and reflections. I strive to create pieces that are “functional art” with the emphasis on ART.

I am very conscientious about the finishing touches on my pieces and pride myself on taking extra steps necessary to elevate them beyond what many consider “finished”. I look forward to expanding my craft further by continuing to learn and discover new ways of bringing glass design to life. I am a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands and Greater St. Louis Artists Association.

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