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Megan Winn

Leather and Handmade Paper

Indianapolis, IN


I graduated with a B.A. in Studio arts from a small, Midwestern Liberal Arts University in 2007. My husband, Tim Winn, and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I run Binding Bee full-time and have been in business for myself making and selling handmade books since 2008.  I use reclaimed leather in my work, as well as archival papers.

I have exhibited my work at Fine Art and Craft shows all over the Midwest.

Judges Choice Award, Leeper Park Art Fair, 2017
First Place Fine Craft, Lubezink Fine & Art Fine Craft Fair, 2017
Best of Show, Indiana Artisan Marketplace, 2016
Best in Media, Carmel Intl Art Festival, 2015
Award of Merit, Edina Art Fair, 2014
Award of Merit, Queeny Park Art Fair, 2012

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