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Leigh Roberts


Creve Coeur, MO


A St. Louis native, Leigh Roberts is a metalsmith and jewelry artist. Growing up, her parent’s passion for art, architecture, past cultures and nature soon became her passion. This led Leigh to pursue a BA in Art Therapy from the University of Missouri-Columbia. The program included coursework in jewelry, fibers, art history, graphic design, drawing, and ceramics. After graduation, jobs in Art Therapy were scarce so she took a position in a St Louis technical school.

Her career in metals and jewelry design began in 2000 after discovering a local metal and glass studio. This prompted Leigh to take a metals and jewelry class at St. Louis Community College where she began to hone her skills in cutting, forming, soldering and fabricating metal. She soon became involved with the Midwest Metalsmiths, a group that is dedicated to artists, jewelers and those interested in all forms of metal arts. Various metal related workshops have allowed Leigh to work side by side with

major artists in the metalsmithing community. Each workshop opportunity has increased her knowledge and skills in the metal arts field.

Leigh has produced her designs and conducted business in St Louis for over a decade now. She exhibits her work at fine art and gallery shows throughout the United States where her pieces are appreciated for their detail, quality construction and unexpected combination of materials. Her unique style and devotion to metals allows her to create work that she is thrilled to share with others.

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