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Janice Schoultz Mudd

Acrylic Painting with Mixed Media Collage

Chesterfield, MO


Like most people, I am captivated by the beauty and variety of landscape around the globe. I also find history fascinating; what, how and why different civilizations did what they did. My mixed media and collage paintings are an abstracted representation of this confluence of interests. The landscape forms that compose our planet and the organic facets of nature, along with the historical human factor that both modifies it and is impacted by it, fuels plenty of creative imagery for me to work with.

Thankfully I have the current technology provided by Google Earth and drone photography to help me translate the ideas I have formed. My explorations begin on canvas, using countless layers of acrylic color, built up by mixing and glazing. To further help me visually describe these

landscape scenarios I make use of many altered found-objects such as, cut paper, threads, metals, broken toy parts, etc., building the surface with textural elements that are sometimes significant as a compositional tool and at other times as a descriptor of something specific in its own unique properties.

For the past 20 years I have made St Louis my home. I am a New Jersey native and graduate of Pratt Institute in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design. Upon moving to this area I began my painting career, taking classes and workshops, painting, researching, thinking and experimenting. I have since shown in many exhibits, galleries and art fairs….and I love commissions.

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