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Diane Tessman


St. Louis, MO


Diane Tessman

As a child, growing up in rural Chaska, Minnesota, working with the hands was important to us. It became the foundation of most of the things that we did and still do. Planting a seed in the earth and watching it evolve to its full potential taught us that tending to an idea can bring it to fruition. We watched as the seasons affected the plant’s chemistry. Thus, we learned about color and its relationships to its surroundings. Nature is a great teacher; her lessons are endless. Those lessons are the backbone of my artwork and I draw on them endlessly for inspiration and strength.

Now living in St. Louis, I am active in the artist community, participating in art shows, teaching workshops, and is represented in several galleries in the Midwest area. It is my responsibility to pass on the traits and values that sustain me, and I return that attitude in the things that come forth from my hands and my heart.

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