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Tucker Bodman

Mixed Media Lamps

St Louis, MO


                             Tucker Bodman Bio

I have been building lamps in my basement for 4 years. I have many years of experience in construction, property maintenance, electrical and electronic fields. Art has been part of my life since 4th grade.  First as a musician, I became interested in functional art in the Steampunk style,  after finding a pressure gauge from a sprinkler system in the basement of one of the buildings I maintained. While checking out other gauges online, a  couple of pipe lamps popped up.  That was my inspiration to see what I could do.  I started designing my own lamps and sold the first two on Craig's List. The lamps are made of black pipe, wood, plastic, wire, glass and leather. I try to incorporate all types of industrial parts from gears to thermometers, sprinkler heads and everything in between.I've been selected to participate in the Soulard Art Gallery Steampunk Show for 3 years. I won the Award of Excellence in this year's show for my floor lamp. I do not have a website currently, but plan to have one when I retire from my day job in 2022.

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