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Kathy Likos


St. Louis, MO

Kathy L necklace 3.jpeg

                                                         KATHY LIKOS

I have always been enamored with jewelry and the act of personal adornment.  Jewelry is such a personal thing to wear because it gives a glimpse into the wearer's personality, with no words spoken.  In 2010, I took my first metalsmithing class with the purpose of expanding my jewelry making skills. I bought some tools and a torch, cleared a space in my basement, and….   In 2017, I left my career as a middle school science teacher to pursue my dream of being a jewelry artist. My background in geology, chemistry and physics deepens my appreciation for natural stones and manipulating metal.  I use semi-precious stones for their uniqueness - each one is different. Each stone I handpick for an eye-catching feature, such as its color, pattern or shape. I use contrasting warm copper or gold with cool silver to set each stone and enhance its natural beauty.  I'll often add a bit of sparkle with a garnet or citrine to balance the earthiness of the stone. I also enjoy sculpting and forging wire to make simple mixed metal pieces, often inspired from my stone pieces. I want the person who wears my jewelry to feel like she is wearing an adornment that completes her statement to the world, enhances her natural beauty, and reflects the beauty in all of nature.

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