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Julie Brand


Cuba, MO


                                                                              Julie Brand Ceramics

Julie Brand My degree in Art Therapy serves as a compass for my ceramic art. My clay work is a source of therapy and expression for me and, hopefully, for the viewer. For many years I have focused upon uniting clay and painting. As I become more proficient, I am more able to express my thoughts, concerns and sentiments through my art. I paint with underglazes on my pottery as it is my canvas. I paint nature’s details using a flower, a leaf, or even an urban scene under a microscope. I magnify life’s reflection in my art. I enjoy playing with what appears to be opposites. I work with mid-fire stoneware with both a potter’s wheel and hand building techniques. I alter and carve the leather-hard clay and then paint imagery on unfired, greenware with underglazes. After a bisque firing, I add a medley of commercial and hand-mixed glazes to the pieces before their second and, sometimes third firing. My inspiration for subject matter emerges from my relationships with family, friends, my past experiences, and my curiosity about our interrelationships. Often, my inspiration for design arises from my rural surroundings here in Missouri where I live and work. The view from my potter’s wheel informs me of nature’s intricacies. I am thankful to have this relationship with clay and the opportunity to use art as my voice

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