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Joe Bova Conti


St. Louis, MO


Joe Bova Conti is a local artist, designer, and craftsman.  Joe attended Fontbonne  College on an art scholarship beginning in 1975. He has apprenticed with master jewelers and worked with Native American Craftsman for over two decades. All work is completely handmade without modern casting tools.  The pieces are cut out, forged, filed, hammered, and assembled into wearable pieces of art.  Each piece is individually made by Joe.  The inspiration for his pieces can be found in nature. Many pieces are reminders of landscapes and the beauty of our world.  The stones used are all natural and from ethically sourced locations all over the globe, some being quite rare and all unique.  Joe works out of a private studio and shows his work through venues such as Artisans in THE LOOP.

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