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Charles Dana


Fenton, MO


Charles Dana

I am a 30-year-old photographer trapped in the body of a 76-year-old man. During the past half-century, I have experienced an amazing revolution in the technology of photography, and as I embraced those changes, my photography style evolved.

I have no formal education in either art or photography, but I have spent over fifty years in self-study by reading books, viewing the art around me, and in practicing photography. Those that have most impressed me and provide the foundation for my work are the French Impressionists. I continue to be amazed by their usage of color and the simplicity of form that captured not the outward appearance but actually defined the souls of their subjects. I strive to follow in their footsteps and to extend their vision with my images.

I have had several solo exhibitions, three months at the Ridgeway Center at the Missouri Botanical garden, the Linden house in St. Genevieve, and the Webster Library. My work has also been displayed at multiple venues including Des Peres Hospital, Dick Blick Art, Northwest Coffee and Chesterfield City Hall. I also have participated in multiple art fairs including Historic Shaw, Webster Art Fair, Queeny Park, Art in the Park, Edwardsville Art Fair, and Fairview Heights.

Over the years, my style and pieces have evolved with me. I currently use Canon digital cameras and do my own printing. My prints are rife with color as I seek out the essence of my subjects. I utilize various fine art papers and currently varnish and frame without glass to enhance the impact of my prints.

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