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Artisans in the Loop Takes the ArtSafe Pledge

In accordance with the Missouri ArtSafe Pledge, Artisans in THE LOOP has taken steps to reopen the gallery to customers in a safe, responsible manner.

Missouri ArtSafe Pledge


To ensure that we may Create Safely, Present Safely and Attend safely we pledge to:


Facial coverings.
Social distancing.
Health checks.
Contact tracing – we provide a place for our guests to provide their contact information
Enhanced sanitation.
Training in COVID-19 safe practices.


Artisans in THE LOOP is open to the public by following guidelines set by the local government, St. Louis County. These guidelines are effective as of July 31, 2020 in accordance with the Department of Public Health’s (DPH) Third Amended Order for Business and Individual Guidelines for Social Distancing and Re-Opening effective July 31, 2020.  These guidelines may be replaced or modified based on new scientific information and local information including the trajectory of influenza-like illnesses, cases of COVID-19, and any other information deemed relevant to protect public health  in St. Louis County.  The guidelines are not only for the protection of customers, but also for the protection of employers and employees.  Artisans in THE LOOP will follow these guidelines in order to prevent the spread of infection by respiratory transmission (including COVID-19) including:

Social distancing – Artisans in THE LOOP employees and customers will maintain at least 6 feet distance between and among themselves.
Monitoring employee health – Artisans in THE LOOP will ensure that employees are in good health and display no symptoms while at work.
Using personal protective equipment (PPE) – Artisans in THE LOOP will require employees and customers to wear face coverings and have them available if needed.
Disinfecting and cleaning – Artisans in THE LOOP employees will wash and sanitize hands frequently and disinfect frequently touched surfaces with an EPA approved disinfectant. All customers will be required to use EPA approved hand sanitizer upon entering the gallery.


The order requires retail facilities to comply with the following capacity limitations and requirements to ensure social distancing:

Artisans in THE LOOP will limit capacity to 50% or less of the building’s authorized fire or building code occupancy at any one time.
Artisans in THE LOOP has installed plexiglass barriers around the check-out line.
Artisans in THE LOOP has provided a sign at the door requiring masks as well as outlining social distancing requirements.
Artisans in THE LOOP does not permit customers to bring in open boxes and all beverages must be left on the designated table at the front of the gallery.
Artisans in THE LOOP is considering establishing special hours of operations for individuals at high risk.
Artisans in THE LOOP has an online system that provides for contactless ordering, paying and shipping.  Artisans in THE LOOP also provides limited local contactless delivery.
Artisans in THE LOOP will follow any additional requirements as determined by general and business specific operating standards, guidelines and/or protocols published by DPH.


In addition to complying with all St. Louis County government requirements, Artisans in THE LOOP provides COVID-19 mitigation training for employees.

Staff sign in and out when entering and leaving the gallery. Staff maintain a distance of at least six feet at all times, unless a task requires workers to be in closer proximity for only the duration of the task. All employees wear face coverings in all areas except when an employee is alone in a private office space.  Face coverings may be removed for eating and drinking in the private office space, provided six feet of distancing is maintained.  The gallery is configured to allow for at least six feet between employees while at their workstations.  Workstations are equipped with PPE materials such as face masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, sanitizer, plexiglass and gloves.  Hand sanitizer stations are available inside the gallery for staff and customers. Touch points in private and shared spaces are sanitized regularly, at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Touch points are door handles, tables, desks, phones, light switches, computer, keyboard and mouse.  Shared tools will be sanitized before and after every use. Touch points in public spaces will be sanitized hourly during public hours as well as additional end of day cleaning. Staff are required to wash or sanitize their hands every hour.  Staff may ask any customer to comply with the face covering and hand sanitizing usage upon entering the gallery. The gallery will place 3 sanitation stations, one at the main entrance for public use, one by the register for employee use and one at the employee sign in area, also for employee use.

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