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Bourbon Set 2019a.jpgTony6.jpg

Anthony Borchardt


St. Louis, MO


                       Anthony Borchardt

                     Artist Statement

My new work, titled “The Industrial Series”, is influenced by oil/gas cans, camping equipment, and other industrial objects of the 1950's. Visions from my grandfather’s workshops as a young child led the inspiration. Rough textures, geometric shapes, and machine influenced structures construct the forms while still maintaining a practical functionality. The cracking of specialized glazes give the appearance and tactile touch of peeling paint and weathering forms. Full functionality still exists, which has always been a characteristic of my work from my years as a young production potter, but appearance defines this new series. The high fired, gas reduced, iron clay body, rich glazes, aged metals and wood materials help create a strong vintage manifestation from old to new.

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