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St. Louis, Missouri

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Alex Johnmeyer is a Missouri native working in watercolor and acrylic for over 20 years. In 2008, Alex started their company, Super Keen Creations, selling commissioned paintings to personal art collectors, and St. Louis businesses. Using their own photography of scenes that are captured either naturally or created in studio,  Alex uses the images as inspiration for their work. Alex prefers to work in a combination of watercolor and ink, or acrylic, sometimes combined with different texture media and feels that when one of their paintings shows texture, whether actual or implied, it pulls the audience into the piece.

Alex’s work has been exhibited throughout St Louis metro area galleries and juried exhibitions, including their first solo show Third Degree Glass Factory.  Alex actively participates in charity benefits throughout the year, including "Wall Ball", to benefit Artscope, and "Art of PAWS", to benefit the St. Louis Effort for AIDS. 


As a founding member and continued volunteer of the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, a non-profit transgender advocacy and support organization, Alex is the curator for MTUG’s annual LGBTQ+ art exhibtion, “Transcending the Spectrum.” Alex has a true passion for the furtherance of other advocacy and support organizations, meshing art with an ongoing commitment to social activism.  This devotion to empowering others to live their best life is mirrored in Alex’s dedication to detail in creating their paintings. Each of the resulting works is rich in its own story and emotional symbolism, inspired by color theory and societal iconography.


Artist Statement: “I am presently exploring the ideas of community diversity, modern consumerism, and American nostalgia. I feel like the paintings I create are a vibrant translation of my world... an opportunity to capture a moment in time and share it with others. I hope to express personal stories of love, joy, and loss, the struggles and celebrations of life that everyone can understand.”

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